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Staging is an important strategy for getting homes off the market quicker and for a higher price. You can hire a professional stager to stage certain rooms in your home or your entire home. But if you’re looking to save money and willing to do the extra work yourself, here are some tips you’ll appreciate.

1. Stage your home’s entrance.

A welcoming entrance is one of the first things your buyers see as they approach your home, and it sets a tone for what they will experience inside. A mat at the doorstep can mean everything! It’s not enough to just have a tidy yard; your home will sell better when it has personality.

You can give an effective impression with a warm welcome mat at the door! So if we’re talking about aesthetics then let me tell ya… aesthetics matter because even if conventional wisdom says not to, people DO judge books by their covers! So placing a welcome mat, a seasonal wreath on the door, or flower planters can have a big impact on buyers.

2. Stage your dining room.

When you are DIY staging your home to sell, it’s important that the table is set. When potential buyers walk through and see themselves living in this space- they think about all of their future memories they could have there, which means every detail counts!

Christmas dinners, romantic Valentine’s Day dinners, Easter breakfasts, Thanksgiving dinners, and birthdays, these all usually happen in this shared space of the dining room. Tap into those feelings and make the table as inviting as possible.

What would Sunday morning breakfast be like?  YOU can show them! Have the table set with some of your finest cutlery, plates, and decorative napkins show them what dinners can be like in the home!

3. Hide your junk.

Having photos of your family everywhere, or your “unique” wall of professional wrestling collectibles or clown dolls can make buyers put up a mental block… It’s just too personal and sometimes weird.

Homes are most inviting when there is enough furniture and decor to let people imagine themselves living there, but when there’s too much personal stuff, the fact that this is someone’s home becomes a turn-off, even if that’s obviously the case… I mean they are literally buying someone else’s house. It sounds stupid, but it’s true. We go off of gut instinct more often than reason.

So, when you get rid of personal items like family photos or old furniture that may remind buyers about the past lives this space has had; they’re more able to envision themselves living in your home instead. It creates a blank slate in their minds, for what their future could hold in that space.

4. Decorate your home.

One of the best things to do when staging your home is to add house plants, throw pillows and throw blankets. Throw blankets and pillows can make the space feel more welcoming! Don’t forget good lighting lets them see your home in its best light. And if you have mirrors be sure they’re placed strategically around each room for optimal effect.

A great way of making any living space look complete with personality will always be adding some decorative touches through furniture arrangement or artwork placement in particular areas; these small details really bring life into an otherwise average-looking area.

5. Give your bathrooms some love.

First of all, make sure they’re squeaky clean! Secondly- go the extra mile. Roll up a crisp white towel, have a little basket for bath towels… make it welcoming- seeing a theme yet?

The best way to think of it is by thinking of a hotel. You know that feeling you get when you walk into a hotel bathroom and see how nicely placed all the fresh towels are, and how clean the whole space is. You want to recreate this feeling for your potential buyers!

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