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Everyone wants multiple offers when selling their home. But what can sellers do to make this a reality? Here are 5 tips to help you get multiple offers on your home.

  1. Strategic pricing.

You need to use the right pricing strategy when selling your home. Depending on what the market is doing, you may want to list higher, lower, or right at market value.

When selling your home, it is best to follow the latest market trends. You may want to list for higher prices in a slow economy or lower if you have an over-inflated price tag that isn’t reflective of what people are willing and able to pay right now. Realtors will always recommend listing at a price that’s competitive with other properties in your area.

  1. Flexibility & Access

you need to be a flexible seller in order to give buyers and sellers ample access. By allowing as many people into your home, you increase the chances of receiving multiple offers for it – which will make getting top dollar easier!

Sellers should trust their Realtor to keep their home safe during showings. It is best for sellers not to be present while the agent shows your property and these showings can happen VERY quickly in some cases. You want as many potential buyers through your house, so don’t worry too much about selling it; you’ll get a buyer eventually!

  1. Beautification & Curb Appeal.

Make your home beautiful, and show it off to the world. Put fresh flowers on every table in sight as well as keep a well-kept lawn outside of each window. Fix what’s broken or needs some TLC for curb appeal. Powerwash any stains from driveways and fill in cracks so that everything looks its best at all times!

If you’ve done quality updates like an outdoor kitchen or patio furniture make sure they’re marketed when people come by since these are features most potential buyers will be looking for once they see how great this property is!

  1. Marketing & Buyer Reach

Fourth, your home should be visible to the widest possible audience. A good Realtor will use a variety of ways like social media posts, radio ads, postcards, or Facebook live videos to get your property in front of potential buyers. Being tech-savvy could indicate that they have experience with marketing homes and can meet all of your needs!

The difference high-quality marketing makes in real estate is astounding. Hearing about a home on the radio, and being able to view the home through photos and videos, and see the property with drone shots all help draw people to your home.

Radio advertisements for homes may seem outdated in today’s world of high-tech marketing, but the fact is, radio advertisements, especially those that launch during morning and evening commutes, reach tens of thousands of potential buyers every day! Never simply dismiss the classic ways of marketing your home.

  1. Course Correction

Fifth, When selling your home, it’s important to watch the home’s activity and the market in case you need to course correct. Just like in the game of Monopoly, when you have a home that’s not selling and it seems stuck on one square for too long, your best option may be to reduce its asking price in order to attract more buyers.

If you’ve given everything else an honest try but nothing has worked out so far then consider adjusting your pricing strategy by lowering it just enough to tempt buyers who are looking at similar homes nearby. Just wait: this may be the move that finally leads them right into “Go.”

Want the best chance at multiple offers?  Call Rod or Andy today and book your no obligation listing appointment.  Find out how they can sell your home fast…and for more money!

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