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When selling your home, multiple offers are what every seller hopes for. But what can sellers do to help make this happen?  Let’s take a look at How to Generate Multiple Offers.

1. Price Your Home Aggressively

First, sellers can price their homes aggressively. Auctions work well because the prices they use start low leaving bidder interest and their competitive drive of those bidding will make it rise. This concept can work as well for real estate offers. Sometimes, strategically listing your home lower than market value can generate a ton of interest, leading to bidding wars and thus driving the price higher.

That same low-price-seeking excitement may cause many more buyers to show up and view your home than what would have come at a higher price point. But your experienced realtor will need to be there to analyze what the best course of action is for you to take, whether this strategy is right with your situation.

2. Give Ample Access to Buyers

Second, sellers can give buyers and brokers ample access to showings and open houses. This allows the widest range of potential buyers to actually see your home.

You want to make sure your home is accessible during reasonable hours, so you’ll need to be flexible with showings. It’s also important that you’re prepared for these visits, which includes having the house tidy, clutter-free, and smelling fresh.

3. Beautify Your Home

Speaking of smelling fresh, next up is beautifying your home. This means cleaning, staging, decluttering, and decorating. You will also want to consider doing some landscaping enhancements that would add to your curb appeal.

4. Effectively Market Your Home

Fourth, you’ll need a ton of marketing to reach the highest number of buyers. This means using traditional marketing and online marketing, including social media.

If you’re using a team that isn’t social media-savvy, you’re limiting how much interest your home can generate. You need to know if they do Facebook live videos, coming soon posts, video tour posts, professional photography, Instagram stories, reels, postcards, brochures, or radio commercials. Reach makes all the difference in real estate! Our marketing plan is extensive and is one of the many reasons our team stands out.

5. Be Open to Course Correction

Last but not least, sellers need to be ready to course-correct. Course correcting is when the sellers listen really close to all forms of feedback from real estate agents or brokers showing buyers around.

Is your home one of the houses that have been sitting on the market for months without much action, but all the right steps seem to have been made?

Course correction may mean having to repost with a price reduction, or it could mean that a certain feature is bothering a lot of buyers, which you may need to fix before going forward.

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