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Don’t turn away potential buyers unnecessarily: Here are The 5 Top Home Buyer Turn-Offs of 2021!

      1. Cluttered, dirty or “fragrant” homes

Be sure to put laundry and dishes away, care for your countertops, and organize your mail and office work. Vacuum and mop the floor, and give your dog a bath if it needs one. Empty litter boxes as well as use an inviting candle scent of air freshener.

  1. Overpriced homes

Yes, we’re currently in a seller’s market, but overpricing can be a real irritation for buyers, who would be otherwise willing to buy.

If buyers can tell that a seller is clueless about the current market and price point, they will often skip that listing. If they like it, they may just wait for the home to have a price reduction.

  1. Deceptive listing descriptions or pictures

When a buyer feels manipulated, however unintentionally, they can’t help but wonder if they should trust you with anything.

Buyers want honesty from you – be upfront about any negative or challenging features and stick to its pros.

  1. Bad home improvements

Buyers are often put off by do-it-yourself cosmetic home renovations, particularly when they counter a buyer’s desired style.

You should consult with a broker or agent in the area before investing in pre-sale remodeling. Instead of investing $40,000 on an unattractive kitchen, they might encourage you to update appliances or have the cabinets painted instead. Simple fixes can go a long way.

  1. No photos or bad quality listing photos

Without professional photography, buyers are less likely to be interested in the home online. Photography is usually the first point of contact with a listing, so if it is bad or nonexistent, the seller is going to be cut short.

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