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For most of the real estate’s long history, real estate photography was virtually nonexistent. Nowadays, with the Internet, e-mail, the MLS, and social media, you could say that professional real estate photography is the most powerful marketing tool at a Realtor’s disposal.

The reason for this is obvious, photography is usually the very first thing buyers see when viewing homes online. Homes that use high-quality professional photography tend to sell for more than homes that don’t.

 That being said if your realtor uses listing photos that look like garbage you might want to consider finding a way out of the contract with them.

Today, we’re looking at The Effect of Good and Bad Photography

First, does it look like their photos were taken by a professional or on a cellphone? Your realtor should be hiring someone to make sure that the photography looks immaculate.

Next, let’s think about how well the rooms that have been photographed look. Without like you can’t see anything in the house.

In order to visualize themselves living in the home, they’ll need to see it close to how it actually looks. Using a combination of natural and artificial lighting and flash leads to a vibrant and sharp photo.

And photographers should know not to use built-in flashes since proximity to your camera’s lens can create unattractive dust that reflects and shows up as white flecks in the photography. 

If your Realtor’s choice of photography consistently leaves you scratching your head about their choice of angles or photo framing you’ll want to consider finding someone who can do it right. 

Photographers need to be able to identify what’s important in each area and room and know how to make it attractive.

See if your realtor’s photography looks like it’s been tidied up. Realtors should give sellers lots of time to prepare their home while giving ideas for making it look as attractive as possible. 

Three Rivers Realty uses professional in-house photography to make your home look its best. And we promise you the quality of our photography will help get you results when selling.

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